Whether you are seeking full-service production management or expertise in any component of your production process Veritas can contribute. We will ensure high quality production using the latest technologies in the format that best suits your needs. Our core services can be categorized as follows:

Conceptual Development - To ensure an engaging, purposeful production Veritas can participate in the planning and development of your idea by generating guiding documentation such as production values, scripts and story boards.

Shooting - Veritas will organize and manage the shooting process including lighting, positioning of cameras and sound equipment, hiring and management of actors, and management of the production plan. Use of one, or multiple, state-of-the art cameras, including HD, will ensure high quality video images.

Editing - Using the latest editing platforms we will review and edit your footage for the best expression of your concept. Placing creative and appropriate transitions will help communicate the intent.

Post-Production - Utilizing original or existing footage Veritas will optimize your footage by correcting color across clips and improving audio quality. To finalize a piece, Veritas can add music or professional voiceovers, special effects, text, title sequences and animated graphics.

Output - Once your project is finalized Veritas can output your video to a variety of formats to make it available for others to watch. After assigning a delivery format, we compress your video and turn it into a high-quality, easily distributable video file. Formats include:
  • Flash Video - Flash has quickly become the standard for online and mobile-based video with over 98% market penetration. Flash is ideal for your website and online streaming media.
  • Beta SP - The standard for television advertisements and broadcast video Beta SP delivers the quality and format for broadcast media.
  • CD/DVD - CDs and DVDs are ideal for easy, flexible and affordable "hard-copy" distribution. They can be played on office media or used directly in marketing campaigns. In fact, multimedia direct marketing materials receive 60% greater response than traditional direct mail pieces.

Corporate, Non-Profit and Promotional Videos
Live Event Video
Advertising Spots and TV Commercial Production
Documentary Videos and Independent Film Production
Video Depositions
Music Videos
Demo Reels
Motion Graphics
Premium Slideshows
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